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Susan Smith 2017-03-07 01:59:37

THE WHY AND HOW OF CARRYOVER Your ladder, design items and even the custom dictionary that you created this year can be carried over into next year’s yearbook job in Online Design, saving your students time. There are several advantages to carrying over work from one year to the next. To have next year's staff begin creating master pages and templates and next year's book isn't available yet, you can let your new staff work in Online Design now and then carry over that work when next year's book is available. If you set up your portraits the same way every year, the Carryover feature lets you use the same portrait flow settings, adjusting only for the number of students each year. You can also carry over your ladder information if you keep your book structured similarly every year. Consider carrying over master pages because you have a certain way your folios are structured every single year. You may want to save your fonts from this year, or some color combinations from this year that you'll want to use again, especially if you use your school colors a lot. If you have templates that you liked this year and would like to use them next year as-is or as a starting point, you have two options. You can copy templates from a previous job, which takes them from the Custom Templates area of last year to the Custom Templates area of the new year. The second option presents you with a ladder and previews of your pages, and you choose the spreads you want to carry over. Those spreads' designs will be saved as custom templates in the Custom Template area. The links to carry over individual items, which include fonts, color styles, master pages, custom templates and portrait flow, are on those pages. Go to Plan Book. To carry over master pages, click on Master Pages, then click on Use master pages from another job. To carry over templates, click on Custom Templates, then click on Copy templates from a previous job or Make templates from last year's spreads. To carry over colors, click on Color Styles, then click on Use color styles from another job. To carry over fonts, click on Fonts, then click on Use fonts from another job. To carry over your whole book, there is a pop-up on your Online Design home page during the first 90 days that you can access your new book. If you close the popup, it's available under the gear menu for 90 days. At that point, this link is removed to prevent someone from overwriting new work. The Whole Book carryover allows you to bring over the Ladder and custom dictionary from the previous year. It also enables you to carry over master pages, custom templates, fonts and color styles all at once instead of selecting them item by item. ON THE WEB For more tutorials, go to and Susan Smith has spent close to 25 years expressing her passion for year books via writing, speaking and teaching on behalf of Walsworth. Although her current position keeps her behind the scenes, she continues to work on behalf of advisers and staffs as the program manager for Walsworth’s customer-facing software.

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