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In Step With InDesign

Lisa Llewellyn 2017-03-07 01:56:42

CREATING GRIDS FOR SPREAD DESIGN When you begin to create a spread, you first need to decide how many columns to use. Columns bring consistency to your pages. You’ll also need margins between those columns. But you don’t just place photos, copy and graphics on a page with only the vertical alignment in mind. The best way to keep all elements aligned is to create a grid on the spread with margins in between. A grid provides an organized look, even when you are placing a lot of elements on the spread. Creating a grid is simple. Open InDesign and in Walsworth's Control Center, click on New Spread. This allows you to open a blank spread template in the appropriate size foryouryearbook. (Be sure to build your grid on the master layer. Talk to your rep if you have any questions on master layers.) Set the margins. From the top tool bar, go to Layout > Margins and Columns. Make the inside 1 and everything else 5. From the top toolbar, go to View > Grids and Guides and uncheck all guide options. (1) The default grid color is a bright blue. Change it to gray by going to Layout > Ruler Guides. Create your guides by going to Layout > Create Guides and fit the guides to the margins. Under Rows, enter 27 for Numberand 0p6 forGutter. UnderColumns, enter 21 for Number and 0p6 for Gutter. (2) Lock the grids into place by going to View > Grids and Guides > Lock Guides. You can hide the guides by hitting the W key. ON THE WEB For more tutorials, go to Lisa Lea Llewellyn, CJE, is celebrating her 15th delivery season as a yearbook representative and has the privilege to workwith a number of award-winning publication staffs across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She is the director of Camp Lonestar DFW Journalism Workshop and speaks at conventions and workshops nationwide. She began heryearbookjourney at Lecanto High School in Florida, where she was editor-in-chief. You can follow her on social media @YrbkLisa.

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