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Photoshop Fun

Jamie Chambers 2017-03-07 01:56:13

ENHANCING THE FOCAL POINT You know those photos—you were exactly in the right place for that awesome catch, kick, hit or layup, and the photo turned out great. Except, there is so much visually going on in the background, your eye doesn’t quite know what to focus on. In just a couple of quick steps to increase the blur on the background of an image, you can take a great photo to awesome! Open your photo in Photoshop. Duplicate the layer to keep a copy of the original image. Use the Lasso tool to make a quickselection around the focal point of the photo. This can be really loose. (1) Go to Select > Modify > Feather and type in 20 px. Click OK. (2) Then go to Select > Inverse. The selection should now have everything selected except for the section you want as the focal point. Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Move the radius to the right to increase the blurriness of the background. Click the Preview button on and off to view your changes. (3) When you are satisfied with the blurred background, click OK. Use the Blurtool foranytouch ups. ON THE WEB For more tutorials, go to Jamie Chambers has been a creative influence at Walsworth for 18 years, currently as Design & Creative Concepting Supervisor in the Marketing Department. For 10 years, asan artist and supervisor for the Creative Services Department, Jamie traveled to workshops to work with yearbook staffs to design their covers and develop their theme packages. He enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for and knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

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